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Historical Photos Of Natural Black Hair

Natural black hair is extremely versatile, and the photos below show some of that versatility.

A painting from 1835 that shows natural black hair styles from Africa

The painting above is of African women from various tribes who were brought as slaves to Brazil. This painting was done in 1835. Although the subject is a painful one, the painting clearly shows the variety of creative and unique natural hairstyles that these women wore. (Date of painting is 1835, artist is Jean-Baptiste Debret)

A photo of natural black hair styles from Nigeria

J.D. Okhai Ojeikere is a Nigerian photographer, who is probably best known for his photographic collection titled "Hairstyles." Hairstyles shows a slice of Nigerian culture by showing photos of women wearing traditional Nigerian hairstyles. The photo above shows some of the works from his collection. More photos like this can be found in his book titled Photographs

An historical photo of natural black hair from Grand-Bassam

This drawing is dated 1869, and depicts a young girl from Grand-Bassam. I've show a closeup of the picture to show the african hairstyle on one of the girls.