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This site is for people with Black, African American, and afro textured hair who want to know how to take care of and style their hair without the use of chemicals.

For the purpose of this site, we are going to define the term "natural hair" as hair that has not been permanently altered through the use of chemical relaxers, permanents, or hair dyes.

Natural hair has actually always been the way black people wore their hair until recently (after the chemical relaxer was invented) and at this site we will look at how people have styled natural hair in the past, as well as provide information on how to work with natural hair today in the present.

For a look at how black people wore their hair in the past and in the present visit our
photos of natural black hair. For hair care articles and tips visit our Caring For Natural Black Hair section. For products to help you moisturize and condition natural black hair click here. For ideas on natural hairstyles for black women check out the book Natural Black Hair.

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